NV Lounge

Established 2003, NV lounge operated under the shadow of the mother Brand All Seasons Hotel, but in 2012 industry development and market competition signaled it was time to take audacious steps towards market leadership. In other words; it was time to create a fresh identity, rediscover brand personality and adopt different strategy. The group Chairman- Mike ikeoku was set to launch a re-brand project.

The Brief:

Located at high-end area in the city of Owerri, Imo State, intensified competition at the entrance of new competitors meant that NV Lounge could no longer rest on its past glory, as it seem to have lost the market dominance it once enjoyed. DSR was handed the challenge of rediscovering and developing a fresh Brand Identity that will not only communicate the edge in proposition, but also reestablish dominance and leadership.

The Solution:

Working closely with a committed group Chairman, DSR came up with clear insights and generated propositions and strategies that inspired the creation of a reinvigorated NV Lounge Brand Identity. The designed identity mobilized every brand element and was creatively transmitted through Logo, communication touch points, marketing/PR and most importantly delivering brand experience all through customer interaction.

The Result:

The launch of the rebranded NV Lounge on 5 April 2013 was all but a sign of things to come; the opening event recorded an overwhelming mass turn out of highly anticipating audience and A list guest celebrities alike, with all unified by the fresh NV Lounge experience. The awareness, visibility and level of customer engagement has turn out to be a resounding proof of success, as DSR continues to deliver brand consultation and solutions to the NV Lounge team.

What we did:

  • Brand Strategy
  • Brand Identity
  • Brand communication
  • Website Design
  • Digital/Social Media Marketing
  • Employee Brand Culture/Training
  • Sector:

  • Hospitality/Entertainment